See your weather station data on CHLT

Weather Station

Having a weather station located at your stock site makes good sense.

The data your weather station collects can give a good indication of the current and past state of heat load at your site.

Combine this with your site specific forecast and you now have a valuable tool to manage heat stress within your operation.



3 steps to getting connected

  1. Register for CHLT – If you have not done so already, become a registered user on the CHLT HERE 
  2. Join the HLDN – Simply complete the form on this webpage below. The CHLT Team will then contact you for the information required to ensure that your current weather station is suitable.
  3. Weather Station connected – the CHLT Team will provide guidance to get your weather station data uploading to our secure site.

Process complete – now you can start enjoying easy access to your site-specific HLI and AHLU through the CHLT web site and an improved forecast for those days when there is a heat load carried into the next day.