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Manage Summer Heat in Australian Feedlots

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The Cattle Heat Load Toolbox (CHLT), a free-to-use website, is an integral part of managing summer heat at Australian feedlots. Our toolbox is comprised of a dashboard with site-specific climate snapshot and weather forecast, a Risk Analysis Program (RAP), and a compilation of cattle behaviour information. CHLT is developed based on world class research undertaken by the University of Queensland and Katestone, and backed by Meat and Livestock Australia and the Australian Lot Feeders Association. The toolbox sets a world standard for the management of heat in lot fed animals.

CHLT was developed in 2002 and is now operated by Weather Intelligence, a Katestone Company. CHLT provides the resources to allow Australian feedlot managers to develop a heat management plan and proactively manage the risk of heat at their site. Register now for full access to all areas of the website. To register, a feedlot must be NFAS accredited.


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CHLT can help you manage heat at your site by:

  1. Helping with your presummer preparation

    a. How to identify your high risk animals
    b. Assess your overall site risk of a heat event
    c. Tools for training your team to identify the early signs of heat stress in animals

  2. Providing a detailed 7 day forecast of heat events specific to your location, not just the closest major town
  3. Making it easy to view your weather station observations and calculated heat load at anytime
  4. Alerting you to impending poor conditions via sms or e-mail alerts
  5. Keeping everyone informed. You can register multiple staff to your site as well as your veterinarian and nutritionist

All you need to do is register!

Today’s Heat Load Index

Used by over 250 feedlots all over Australia
Over 20,000 alert messages sent during 2019-20 summer
94% of users find CHLT helpful
90% of the Australian herd monitored

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